WordPress vs Blogger which is better for blogging


Today digital world, there are many blogging platforms where you will create a blog and easily maintain it, but the question is which blogging platform is better? Blogger, WordPress, and tumbler are the most popular blogging platform, but we have no time to discuss all of the blogging platforms. But, we are talking about 2 popular blogging platforms that are WordPress and blogger.

In the initial state, many bloggers work on Blogger( Blogspot), and later it shifted his blog to WordPress. it doesn’t mean blogger( Blogspot ) platform is not right there are many popular websites which work on Blogspot platform 

Wordpress vs Blogger which is better for blogging


Blogger is created by Pyra labs company, and later it Google buy it in 2003, and not blooger.com is the product of Google. Blogger all serves, and data stored on Google; it means you can’t access the server without a google account. The main disadvantage of a blogger is it all data stored on Google; it means your website data also saved on Google. It means you have 30% ownership of your blogger blog, and Google has 70% ownership. It means Google deleted your data any time, and you can’t claim on them.     

on other hands in WordPress, you have 100% ownership of your website it means all data stored on your web hosting.. deleting site is in your hand, and you quickly transfer it on another web hosting


Blogger managing system is simple; you can easily manage it. This is an advantage for beginners bloggers, but the disadvantage is if you think to add extra in the blogger system, it is impossible. So, Adjust

on other hands, WordPress is an open-source software in WordPress.org you can add extra thing install the plugins by using plugins you can create a website better and SEO friendly without knowledge of codings 

 Design of website 

There are minimum blogger templates available on Google, but now times you get 1000 of free premium look templates on Google. First, we discuss what a template is?

The template is a design by the use of it. You can change your blog look professional. there are many non-official websites which provide you free and paid blogger template we already discussed free or paid template on  5+ best free blogger template 2018    

on the other hands, WordPress also have 1000 of free and premium look templates the main advantage of using WordPress is you can customize your WordPress template and use of the plugin you can create your professional look website


Transfer blog to another platform in Blogspot is easy. Blogger export system is available in blogger, but if you transfer your blog to another platform, it gives a negative effect on your SEO by which your visitor also decrease.

on the other hand WordPress, you transfer your blog to other hosting or platform is secure it does not affect your Alexa SEO rank  

 SEO (Search engine optimization ) 

Blogger not better in Seo in compression to WordPress in my opinion blogger get 30 marks out of 50 and WordPress get 45 marks out of 50 in SEO friendly  

WordPress is SEO friendly there are many free or premium plugin bu use of it you can easily rank your blog on Google first page if we look at SEO purpose WordPress is better than blogger in SEO.

 The final answer

WordPress vs. Blogger which is better for blogging      

If you think of starting your blog, then my options are a blogger is a better platform for you because it is free, and you can’t pay for hosting here. You only pay for the domain name. if you think you became professional in blogging and SEO, then buy any web hosting and migrate your blogger ( Blogspot ) blog to WordPress blog  

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