Razer blade stealth 13


In this article, we check the razer blade stealth 13 the brand new gaming laptop. This laptop is one my favorite laptop if your budget is high and you able to afford this laptop you can check this laptop. If your budget is low you also check our other best laptop 2019 list

GTX 1650 GPU

The most focus of this laptop is Nvidia GTX 1650 packed inside now that’s a big step up. The other previous model of blade stealth which I’m not like much because of mx130 GPU WHICH can RUN 1080P but, not much best.
But, today Raazer is updating their blade stealth 13 lines up with some promising specs.


So, there is 3 model of the new razer blade stealth 13 and they are all going be featuring intel latest intel i7-1065G7 10 gen core processor. For your kind information 1065G7 is the second-fastest CPU within ICE LAKE in this processor you get 25-watt TDP CPU and it comes to a base clock of a 1.3 GHz and boosts up to 3.94 GHz honestly it was a lot slower than 8565U processor which found in previous razer blade.
As I already told the main star of this show is Nividia 1650 GPU on this new laptop. Getting 1650 GPU at this small size laptop that is just incredible

New Vs Old Razer blade stealth 13

Now, we take about what Scarified in this new laptop to getting this slim, small and Powerful GPU it only 0.5 mm thicker than the previous generation model, in this model addition 3 heat pipe also used for better heat dissipation.

This model is much faster than the MX150 since it offers more CUDA cores and better FPS so, you should able to gaming comfortably tat medium to high setting.
Form it design there s not much change it similar to the previous model so you still get the boxy shape same keyboard layout as well as that glass trackpad which is one of my favorites.


The port selection also the same so you get a Thunderbolt 3 port that shares very fast and other regular 3.1 type-c port and 2x 3.1 port it also same battery capacity as well the display

it comes with sliver and black which looks cool and the keyboard backlit reflection in the screen on the chassis it looks gorgeous. if you like this laptop you can buy if not you also check our other list


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