oneplus 7t vs oneplus 7t pro

Oneplus 7t vs Oneplus 7t pro

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Oneplus is the only company who actually give competition to iPhone recently iPhone launched his new iphone11 as similarly oneplus also launched his new Oneplus 7t and Oneplus 7t pro. And today 26 September new new oneplus 7t launching date and oneplus 7t pro also.
I’m sure this phone down the oneplus 7. The new oneplus 7t have highest screen refresh rate display 90Hz and many amazing features in 7t and 7t pro and today we are checking the oneplus 7t vs oneplus 7t pro.


Oneplus 7t featuring with a circular camera unit and Oneplus 7t pro going to keep a horizontal style camera unit. The camera setup on both of phone are very similar they both feature 48-megapixel main camera and ultra-wide and a zoom camera. Although the 7t pro is apparently keeping 3 times zoom and in 7t series has only 2 times zoom. But, at normal daily light you won’t see any difference between those different phone camera


Oneplus 7t vs Oneplus 7t pro

Both phones are going to featuring the brand new snapdragon 855 plus and important thing here which conformed by a company that both phone feature with a 90Hz refresh rate is such greate new news if you are like to play games
Without a shadow of a doubt, the best feature of the oneplus 7 pro also comes in 7t and 7t pro that is 90Hz refresh rate and another great thing about the oneplus if you not massively into curved screens is that 90Hz display is coming on a flat-screen


Oneplus 7t vs Oneplus 7t pro

The oneplus 7t have notch at the front smaller it not upgrading to completely bazel display. In the October oppo also launched reno ace with 90Hz refresh rate with same specs as oneplus 7t have reno ace also have fast charging technology which oneplus 7t still unknown.

We discuss oppo reno ace in detail in my future post.The camera upgrade is in work for both model 7t and 7t pro a new macro mode, nightscape mode, slow motion recording 960 frames a second and many other features. Oneplus also launched TV we will discuss it our future posts. so, this is short Oneplus 7t vs Oneplus 7t pro review

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