Msi modern 14 India review 2019


In this article, we are going to talk about The New MSI Modern 14 from specification to battery life. This was a full details analysis article. At the end of this article, I’m sure your all doubt was clear that MSI 14 laptop is worth for you or not so, stay tuned us if you have any questions Free to comment us.


In MSI, modern 14 is now available in Flipkart in i5 and i7 10th gen variant. i5 variant at a rate of Rs 55,000 and i7 at a rate of Rs75,000. In this article, we talk about the Base i5 10th gen variant.

Specification and 10510U Processor

MSI intel i5 variant comes to the latest 10th generation 10510U with Integrated Graphic the things which attract me in this laptop it’s 512 NVMe SSD with 8GB Ram which can expandable up to 32GB. This laptop also comes with window 10 support…

THE Processor Used in MSI 14 is a comet lake processor with 14nm technology, which makes this laptop extremely fast. MSI Modern 14 has 4 core and 8 threads with a base frequency of 1.60GHz. Overall this means MSI 14 built for provided fantastic performance.


msi modern 14 India

Other than now talking about the port’s this laptop has 2x USB Type-c port and 2x USB 3.2 Ports. Generally, at this price range, 3.0 or 3.1 ports come with the laptop. MSI 14 provided you 3.2 ports at this price range incredible. And also you get 1 HDMI port with support of Bluetooth v5.0 and wifi 5. there is no thunderbolt port.


Now talking about display performance and quality, In msi modern 14 you will get 14-inch Full HD IPS bezel-less display with Good color accuracy. 72% NTSC And 99% SRGB which this laptop display perfectly. Now you can work long hours in this without eye effect. The viewing angle of this display is also good.


I’m now satisfied with the keyboard, MSI 14 Keyboard has a less key travel distance and when typing of it doesn’t give click sound due to its soft keys. If you are a programmer or blogger, this laptop now gives you comfort in typing on it. if this problem ok for you then no problem you can go with this laptop


msi modern 14 India

The other thing which disappoints me on this laptop is a single fan system. In the MSI official website, they show two fans for cooling. Still, when we look in Flipkart variant, they only have one cooling fan…MSI gives an excellent processor that handles most of high graphic video editing software, but a single fan system makes pros to cons. By using this laptop, you can be capable of running high graphics software, but on another hand, they also produced heat. Then it would be best if you had a cooling pad for this.


The main thing which I like about MSI modern 14 is its impressive 50WH battery life, which stands up to 6-7 hours on during normal internet surfing. this ability make this perfect laptop partner for students and businessman etc

Msi modern 14 India review 2019


  • NVMe SSD
  • CREATOR CENTER SOFTWARE ( which help you to choose which software need more power and CPU core, graphic )



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