Microsoft New surface laptop 3 , surface pro 7 and Pro X


  • The surface pro 7 Laptop-to-tablet with Type-c port
  • Microsoft New surface laptop 3 two different sizes and processor that is 13-inch and 15-inch and Intel and AMD.
  • Pro X based on the Qualcomm chipset ( Surface Q1 ).


During the Microsoft October 2019 event. Microsoft comes with a lot of new surprises with his user. This event is based on the launch of his new surface Neo and Surface Duo foldable device. And this two product in enough to steal the spotlight but, not only this Microsoft also announced his Microsoft New surface laptop 3 and others new upcoming products that available as early as this month-

  • The surface pro X
  • The surface laptop 3
  • The surface pro 7

So, these are three new laptops that you will start buying in October 2019. In this article, we only get an overview of what we get on this laptop. We discuss these three laptops in detail in our future post’s

Surface Laptop 3

As the name suggests surface laptop 3 which is better than surface laptop 2. Surface laptop 3 based on the latest generation of Microsoft massively. This laptop comes in two different sizes and processor that is 13-inch and 15-inch and Intel and AMD.

source – Microsoft

In a 13-inch variant, you will get Intel latest 10th generation quad-core processor as the name suggest quad-core – 4 independent cores that move data and branch very fast means fast experience. And another 15-inch model comes with AMD Ryzen 7 processor ( Ryzen surface edition ).

This Cpu paired with AMD Vega graphic to provide there user fastest graphic performance in its lightweight class.
In Surface laptop 3 you get a proprietary surface to connect port USB type-c finally comes in surface laptop 3 so, you use can charge the laptop and transfer data and also you get USB Type-A port, 3.5mm headphone jack. Now talking about keyboard keys in this laptop you will get a good amount of key travel distance which gives you comfortable typing. Here you also get 20% more large trackpad for previous models with an aluminum finish.

The surface 3 is available on 22 October in the market but, you can preorder it today. Talking about it price 13-inch model will start at $999 (RS 71,000 approx. ) and 15-inch model start $1,199 ( RS 85,4000 approx. ).

Surface Pro 7

The new surface pro 7 is laptop to tablet with detachable keyboard model design is just similar to its previous ones here Microsoft more focused on its internal part which is more important. So this product also comes with 10th mobile generation latest processor with i3, i5, and i7 configuration. Here you also get USB type-c port as similar to surface 3.

The Pro 7 comes in a 12.3-inch variant as similar to the pro 6 models. The new Pro 7 surface type keyboard and surface pen so, you easily write and make lines in Ms word and also this laptop comes in two different color Black and Silver option

The starting price of this product is $749 (RS 53,000 approx.) this available on 22 October in market

Surface pro x

This is last but, not least the surface pro X this is one of the thinnest product around 5.3 mm this quality make this product easily carry. Pro X also similar to the pro 7 detachable keyboard. the main difference between pro X and PRO 7 is that pro 7 based on intel and Pro X based on the Qualcomm chipset ( Surface Q1).

The Pro X has a 13-inch display with thin bezels and it weights around 800 gm. Pro x also has USB-C with a detachable keyboard. This product will available from November at $ 999 ( RS 71,000 approx ). So, this all about Microsoft new product

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