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MacOS vs window laptop – Which one is better 2020

MacBook vs window is the most searchable topic on google. Nowadays we tend our pc/laptops that are run in a specific operating system such as window or Linux, and that computer is separated from Macintosh computer ( MacBook ). We analysis which is best and why people prefer one over the other we can find answers to all these questions in this article. So stay tuned let get started.

Global Market

MacOS vs window laptop - Which one is better 2020

It currently has a massive 88.3% percent share of the global market of the window while MacBook has an 8.75% share. And we talk about how many people in the world are currently using Mac compared to the window is said that more than 1.5 B people used window in 2020 were actively using it. And with about 200M people using MacBook.

Design and Cost

Apple’s product design looks good it always has, and some people say that’s why MacBook is so famous for it’s a creative and sleek design

If you want to look good laptop, you get a Mac because people who drive a Lamborgini is not interested in driving at 180mph or even cares what under the hood engine. They just bought the car as a status symbol, similarly, in case of MacBook give people a high-status badge and MacBook security is much much powerful than the window, which we discuss below in MacBook vs window list.

MacOS vs window laptop - Which one is better 2020

MacBook is compatible or light in weight in compared to window laptops/pc so, why all people are not using it…this is because of Cost of MacBook a couple of years ago, the average mac Cost around is $1,400 on another side window, laptop cost is $600…and it still increases


Apple wants to keep you in its ecosystem, that the reason MacBook is light and compatible is due to its cabinet and hardware both are made by apple. Hence, that isn’t a good thing that it gives users fewer options and can add to costs.
Apart from than apple better knows how much space consumed by hardware while on the other hand window doesn’t even know in which laptop or pc they will install it is Asus, Acer or Hp. That way the window is generally crashed over time and time.


Now take about if you are a gamer or think to Gaming, we looked at lists of the best gaming laptop in 2020 on our website, and none of Apple Machine was listed. Many of the best gaming laptops were anywhere from the start Rs50,000 to more than 2L, with some reviews saying. Even a popular website like tech advisor or Digital Trends should be answer enough ‘ why gaming on Mac OS is Dead Forever ‘.
If you see the 2018 and 2019 gaming service steam’s gaming statistics, the numbers show that around 99% gamers were using the window is compared to Mac OS this while enough majority of gamers seem to prefer Window PC or Laptop.

Apple Machine Are sleek, look professional and lightweight, but if you are a budget-minded person will likely window be a cheaper PC out there that is just as good in terms of what it can do. If you are gamer than I highly recommend you go window laptops/pc in compared to MacBook because window gaming laptops come in low cost than the window. If you are looking laptop/pc for office work or personal security work than I highly recommend going with Mac Os…due to security which we will discuss in next point

Apps and security

The window had an excellent more extensive application library in 2017 there were around 670,000 apps available in window store and 4M app outside the store.
That outside app installs responsible for window laptop less security because who knows which app has malware, thrones etc. and around 90% window pc/laptop users use the pirated window in place of the genuine window, and that’s the main reason window has less security. While on the other side, Mac App store had around,30,000 Apps which is less in number but it provides by mac so, it safe compared to others


conclusion of MacBook vs window, window pc have a budget machine for all you need so your budget is tight and you want a gaming machine then no doubt window win all the way. Mac is an excellent machine too, and if you like the style and the functionality then you should buy one, but if looking for power and budget, you should go with window

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