lenovo laptop prices in india

lenovo laptop prices in india Lenovo V145 81MT0034IH AMD A6-9225/ 2.6 Ghz./4 GB RAM/1 TB HDD


Just like Asus Lenovo has been coming in front of 5th position when we talk about pc, laptops, and gaming pc/laptop. Lenovo says that they provide the best laptop with a cheap and affordable price.her the lenovo laptop prices in india
If you try to find the best cheap budget laptop for your office, college work then I highly recommend you goes with Lenovo V145 81MT0034IH. 

As a name suggest Lenovo means LE ( from legends ) and NOVO (new ) and now, we talk about its performance, build quality, ports, etc in detail view

Keyboard and body

Lenovo V145 81MT0034IH has a grey color solid keyboard when you typing on it you feel solid which good to getting such quality’s in this price range and this lenovo laptop prices in india

This laptop is has simple but, premium look at the top which it does look very sleek and it gives a laptop an attractive and amazing look. this laptop comes in black color which makes laptop sleek look more attractive.

This laptop is slim and only 2.6 kg of Lightweight, which make this laptop best for daily minor task. Such as carrying on office work or college.

The dimension of this laptop is 52.6 x 31.8 x 6.8 cm and the amazing thing about this laptop is It is very thin it only coming in at 0.68-inch thickness so, it easily beat Acer Aspire 5 the slim laptop. 

Processor and GPU 

Now, talking about performance Lenovo V145 has comes with AMD A6-9225 processor (7th APU generation ) AMD A6-9225 gives you 100mhz higher CPU clock. This laptop processor has 2 CPU core and about 2.60GHZ clock speed in normal running mode and 3.0GHZ on turbo mode.

And this laptop has integrated Radeon R4 GPU about 655MHZ clock. Radeon R4 is available to run GTA 5 about 23 fps. We practically check this laptop integrated GPU which is quite decent performance in this price range.

lenovo laptop prices in india
lenovo laptop prices in india

Screen and memory

V145 has 15.6-inch HD display ( 1366×768 ) I not happy about its display but it ok to getting such performance in this price range but, you are not gonna have eye strains if you work on the laptop for many hours.

Lenovo v140 comes with 4GB of DDR3L-SDRAM RAM 

and 1TB of HDD where you will store all your data getting 1TB of HDD with hard disk technology of 5400RPM and get such memory in this short price range which is good for users. 

Port And Battery 

For your input, you get 1X 2.0 USB port on the side and you are only gonna have 1X 3.0 USB port this is a really amazing laptop which gives you 3.0 port in this price range, also you get an HDMI, a microphone jack, 4-in-1 Card Reader and also Bluetooth 4.0.

And talking about battery it has 3-Cell 24 WHr battery up to 3 hours video playback. Battery is average


this is one of the best cheap budget laptops for personal work under this price range this laptop only one how has 4.0 rating on amazon in short price range.I personally like this laptop believed me, guy, this is value for product laptop go and buy

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