How to use WhatsApp web on Pc and Smartphone


Hey, guys, this is kk from 99laptops and I welcome you in ‘ HOW TO’ Series today we will discuss how to use WhatsApp web on Pc in window 10. This is not rocket science but someone mail me to discuss this topic so, if you don’t know how to use WhatsApp web on PC and phone then, this article will help you.


Step1 – open your browser and type make sure that your PC and your phone are connected to the internet. After, the web page will load you will see a QR code here now it’s time to open.

How to use WhatsApp web on Pc and Smartphone

Setp2 – now open your WhatsApp on your smartphone after opening the WhatsApp you will find these three dots on the top right corner of your screen. Now Tap on it and after that select a WhatsApp web option and it will open the QR scan camera

Step3– Now you scan the QR Code which flashes on your pc web page. And this way you use the WhatsApp on your pc/laptop but make sure that your phone is connected to the internet.

How to use WhatsApp web on Pc and Smartphone

How to use WhatsApp on Android device

Setting up WhatsApp web on your smartphone browser is somewhat precarious, in light of the fact that the smartphone browser doesn’t seem to let you use WhatsApp web – rather they brief you to download the application.

The best approach to get around this is to request your android browser as the ‘desktop view’ which will show you the page as it shows up on a PC rather than what you’re seeing on a browser previously.

First, open the Chrome browser, press the menu button on the browser, which is three vertical dots to the top right corner of the screen. Here you can find an option on the menu is ‘Desktop site’ with a tick-box next to it – selection this option, then the page will reload to the desktop version….thank you if have any question, please comment

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