how to make money online

how to make money online

there are 1000 of the method available on the internet to make money online but, here you think like an entrepreneur, and in this post, you know some best way to make money online by which your earning increase day by day.

Anyways, below are the various ways you can make money online. 

1. blogging

all world became smart everyone has a smartphone all people going online to searching for information on google, bing etc. so, this is plus point for you make a blog and provide information there are millions of bloggers all over the world who help them to provide information.

if your blog has more than 15 posts you will apply to Adsense by which you get paid by displaying advertisements the best thing about blogging is you earn money by helping peoples      

creating a blog is easy, you will create a blog on however, for making money your blog must need one thing a custom domine .com,.in, .org etc. for example:-

how to make money online

AdSense can’t give you approval for displaying advertisements in the free subdomain for example:-  

how to make money online

I hope you understand first create a blog on then write more than 12 posts ( not copy ) then buy domine from GoDaddy, bigrocks anywhere you would like and connect that custom domine to your blog after that apply for Adsense approval.

“take a look on top 10 highest paid blogger per month”

how to make money online

2. Affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing is a Goldmine for many people by only Affiliate marketing many people earn’s 200$ every single day more than a 9 to 5 Job. it also became Goldmine for you if you take it seriously.

affiliate marketing means selling other peoples product online with the help of any social network
if you sell any product they give you a commission. you do affiliate marketing with Amazon, Flipkart, jvzoo, Clickbank etc.

I recommend you jvzoo and Clickbank because it commision cost is very high if you sell jvzoo any product you will earn 10$-90$ in every single product sell. if you are interested in affiliate marketing comment below so I will teach you affiliate marketing tricks.

now take a look on affiliate marketing earning from jvzoo

how to make money online
how to make money online

3. technical freelancer

freelancer means became own boss. in freelancer, you will require some technical knowledge like SEO, Digital Marketing, Website development, Software Development, Android app development, Data entry, increase website traffic etc.

I am already said you earn online is not easy and in freelancer job hard to get the order but there is some website which offers the freelancer job where you put your service in which you are good and people buy your service and paid you. 

“website where you sell your service”
1) fiverr
2) seoclerk
3) freelancer
4. sell domine name

sell domine business is very easy you can buy domine name which you think people like to buy this domine at a premium price for example insurance. com and step to buying domine name I am already told you in the blogging section

sell domine business is very profitable for you if you take it seriously now take a look on this list these all domine name buy at 1$ and it sells at millions of dollars

how to make money online
how to make money online

selling domine name business is very profitable for you first buy a domain name which you think people buy it then sell those domine name on flippa or any selling domine platform where you like and wait ( buy domine )

I hope you like it if any question comes in your mind comment below and part 2 of this blog is coming soon….thank you for coming if any earning place I missed comment below I cover it in part 2 of this post

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