how to Install Super Wallpapers from MIUI 12 on Any smartphone


So, recently Xiaomi announced MIUI12 in China. This MIUI has more amazing features, among them MIUI 12 Super Wallpapers stood feature is quite popular, which is fundamentally live backdrops of Earth and Mars, however with increased emotional activity ( Animation ) among them. I recently tested its beta version on my Redmi note 9 pro smartphone, and it works quite fine. So, if you also know how I do that or how to experience MIUI 12 live wallpaper features so stay tuned as. in this article we show you how to use MIUI 12 live wallpaper feature in any smartphones. Install MIUI12 wallpaper is not rocket science you need to follow some easy step.

How to Install Super Wallpapers from MIUI 12 on Any smartphone

Recently, Xdadevelopers launched MIUI 12 live wallpaper features for all android devices. you to need to follow these steps to access Xdadevelopers MIUI12; live wallpaper feature 


Step 1. first, download the live wallpaper zip file, which given below.

Step 2. then unzip the file

Step 3. next, install all Apk ( live wallpaper ), one by one.

Step 4. after that, install the wallpaper Apk which published by Google on playstore, It will permit you to get to Super Wallpapers on your smartphone

Step5. Now, open the Google Apk which you recently install, here you find your all live wallpaper which you install in ( step 3 )

Step 6. now choice any wallpaper, just tap on ” Set wallpaper “….done



So, this is all about how to Install Super Wallpapers from MIUI 12 on Any smartphone. The best feature of this live wallpaper it consumed less amount of battery in compression to other live wallpaper, which makes your smartphone less heated and worked truly well with no stammer or freezing conduction in comparison to other live wallpaper. I am pleased with this live wallpaper. So this is all about the installation Miui 12 live wallpaper from MIUI12 on any smartphone. If you face any problem while installation, please comment below on this post. we will surely help you…thank you

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