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How to Buy Laptop: Laptop Buying Guide of 2020


Choose a perfect gaming laptop is a quite challenging task with the so many gaming laptops available on the market with different model number so, I think is the ideal time to teach you how you will choose you to pick the ideal gaming laptop. The first thing that comes in mind when you are buying a gaming laptop is the design



The most laptop comes in 15-inch and 17-inch their 15-inch laptop have gotten to the point where they are very portable; they are light enough that you can carry them easily. For example, Razorblade 17 on the bottom and the top is the first gear vector. The primary gear vector, for example, packs a lot of performance in a chassis that only weight 4.16 pounds that’s lighter than MacBook Pro.


On the other hand, The razor blade pro stealth 17-inch, which is very well constructed but weight over 6 pounds. The only benefit of a 17-inch laptop you get a large screen size to play games. It depends on your requirement which size laptop you want is 15-inch or 17-inch. If I preferred I choose a 15-inch laptop because of its easy to carry on everywhere. I wouldn’t worry about too much most gaming laptops come with a good selection of posts.


Usually, gaming laptop three things are upgradeable that is Storage, RAM, and Wi-fi Card. These are important. This allows to buy a cheap gaming laptop, and later I will upgrade something down the road.

Now, if you purchase a 15-inch laptop, there are about two spots for stores. Sometimes you will find three or two. Still, in case of a 17-inch laptop, you will get two to three places for storage and sometimes even four.
For example, in 15-inch Acer helios 300 this laptop, they decide to stick three in here by sacrificing battery life to able to cut out space for a 2.5-inch drive this can HDD or SSD now and other two slots to stick extra drives. The next thing is Ram most premium and mid-range comes two stick or Dual channel memory where you can upgrade Ram of your laptop. Most gaming laptop allows you to upgrade the Ram anywhere from 32GB to 64GB. The next thing is the wi-fi card. I feel it is also important because, currently, wi-fi 6 launched. If you upgrade your wi-fi card, it makes a massive difference in terms of coverage and speeds. Some budget gaming laptop doesn’t have wi-fi six-card but you able to upgrade it down the road will future proof your wi-fi capability

Heat Management

The last is Heat management. This is the most important thing for your internals. If you see a laptop with only one fan inside, I highly recommend you do not buy it because it’s going to be overheating and not performing correctly. If you see a gaming laptop with two fans on one side of it, it will better than a single fan laptop but, it will run fin, but it is going to get hot usually. Usually, you choose that laptop, which then the cooling fan on both sides right or left and heat pipe around them. This type you arrangement allows give you a better chance of having better thermal.


The display is also significant because you won’t take advantage of a new high refresh rate display that, and now in 2020, available very high refresh rate 144Hz, which helps you Gpu to represent your quality and performance also. If you buy a new laptop, then I recommend you must look display also it should have an IPS FHD display and its refresh rate.


Now taking Sound, I do not probably pay the little attention to this because any gaming laptop you buy it now is going to be super loud when you are gaming the fans kick on it and it as to keep it fresh it just drown out the speakers. I recommend you pay attention to performance more than speakers.


So, now talk performance because I fell like this what most people base their purchase session on, and for gaming, the essential thing is the GPU whether you Buy an i5 or i7 it all comes down to GPU. If you buy gaming laptop the lowest you want to be GTX 1050TI or 1660 Ti this will guarantee you that you will able to play most of the games comfortably on High Setting at 1080p which give you fantastic performance

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