here the Budget Gaming Monitor gigabyte G27F with 144Hz Refresh rate of 2020 this is the best gaming monitor its 144Hz refresh rate provide you smooth gaming experience

Budget Gaming Monitor gigabyte G27F with 144Hz Refresh rate

Gigabyte G27F

This is an article for all my pc users instead of showing you a laptop I want to show you a very budget option 144Hz monitor to give you a smooth frame rate during gameplay.

This monitor has 27-inch 1080p resolution it’s FHD with 144Hz IPS. This monitor is typical gaming monitor the thing which attracts me in this monitor the price point.

gigabyte G27F

I’m research on amazon and Flipkart to see if there are any other monitors this price range with these type of specification and I fail to find. The price of this monitor is only $250 ( 17721 INR ). When i reach on amazon, I found that all other 1080p monitor using TN panel with which is not worst but, now best than IPS.

This laptop has a Full Fledge IPS panel, which means this monitor not only provide you with accurate colour accuracy but also provide you with enjoyable gaming experience. Overall this is a low cost but good gaming monitor.

There is nothing fancy about the design like it made out of plastic with pretty tight hinged on back there is an external speaker connection option if you feel monitor sound is not enough. I think 17,721 INR is a very affordable price for 27-inch 1080p 144 Hz refresh rate gaming monitor… in the market, there is many high price tag monitor available with the same specifications like 25,000 INR to 30,000 INR-

There is no RGB hey, but if you are looking for affordable for gamming with RTX 2060 or 1660Ti GPU, this is one for you.

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