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Asus ROG Strix G – 531GT


In 2019, there are lots of the latest technology launched in laptops, smartphones, graphic card and much more and chose powerful technology laptop form 1000 of laptops is a quite tricky task. But, don’t worry 99laptops aim is providing you best laptop so, that was we introduced you to the ROG Strix G ( asus 531gt )edition. The purposes of this laptop are to gives you a gaming experience in less spend money, and in this article, we review the ROG Strix G 531GT…

Build quality

asus 531gt

The build quality of this laptop is very rugged in, and the entire body of the laptop made out of hard polycarbonate material, including the outer lid and the way Asus has chosen to design it with the brush mate finish I like it. The straight-up Sharp lines give this laptop a very premium look.
The glossy rog logo on the outside with brush mate finished, so, no doubt, the design of this laptop is eye-catching. I like to appreciate how good this laptop looks even when compared to other laptops at this price range.
There is an LED strip that runs across the bottom of the unit, giving it a slightly premium look, in my opinion. You can change the behaviour of the light quite as well


asus g531gt

In the keyboard, there is cleverly marked naked W, A, S, D keys just in case you ever forget that this is a machine made up for gaming. The keyboard color is different from other red and black combo gaming laptops, like mostly Asus laptops have. Asus Rog Strix has an All zone RGB lighting keyboard. It offers effortless visual navigation for control even at night.


Now, Talking about the performance, it comes with intel core i5 9300 H processor that’s paired with Nividia GTX 1650 GPU as I already told in my Lenovo L340 review 1650 GPU is a real beast GPU which run you GTA 5 Game smooth on high setting. When you power it, and it goes into turbo mode, it’s a different beast altogether. That why I recommend this laptop to you. Theirs is 8GB of RAM onboard with 512GB SSD


best gaming laptop

Talking about the display this laptop as a 15.6-inch Full HD LED Backlit Anti-glass IPS display with 60Hz of Refresh rate. With GPU and SSD run GTA 5 easily pull in a smooth experience on high to very high settings
The color on display is excellent, whether you are playing games or consuming content with overall brightness to be decent too.



Some other laptops drop of performance when you run a laptop continuously is due to the heat up of the laptop. But, in Asus ROG thermal solution is excellent, you can’t feel any warm sneak up on the keyboard ( that the area traditionally gets very hot on gaming laptop).
The fans work well without being too noisy and dissipate heat to make sure that your session is smooth and relatively noise-free

Battery and Port

The only fault finds in this laptop its battery life. There is 48 watt-hour, and unfortunately 2-3 hours of normal usage, you’re going to run short.
In this laptop, you get 3X 3.1 USB port and 1 HDMI, 1GB LAN, and 3.5 mm audio jack. Getting all 3.1 USB port is impressive most of the gaming laptop at this price range have only 2 X 3.1 USB port but, in g531GT has 3X3.1 port’s


Not only Asus 531gt provides you excellent performance with great looks, but it’s also quite versatile the 48-watt hour battery life many not very long. But, you can plug it into and run with high performance into this is an excellent companion on the go productive and performance. So, if you plan to buy a laptop, you must check this out

Where To Buy

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