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Asus ZenBook Duo The Game Changer


Hey, today I exited to review the Asus Zenbook Duo that we had in a very long time for quick this is a Double screen laptop powered by Intel 10th gen CPU and better quality. So, without further late let go ahead and get Asus Zenbook details

Design and Display

This laptop is only around 2Cm thick, and it’s around 1.5KG So, very, compact, especially for the college student and travelers. There is no doubt about looking at this laptop has a double screen, which primary 14-inch FHD Nanoedge display, which has 90% screen to body ratio, it’s Pantone validated and it’s got 100% SRGB.

Its secondary display makes this laptop a unique which Asus calls the screen pad Plus which is -inch display, and it stretches across the full width of the laptop, and it ‘s 178 Degree angle of view. Because of two screens, you do multitasking if you want to do lots of things at one time like a reading book and watch a lecture on Youtube…and you can easily switch and swap these task by just with the touch of a button, and there is no doubt these are screen touch display.
You also have Viewmax, which is going to extend the primary display down to screen pad Plus. This is a fantastic feature.


As I already discuss it powered by intel 10th gen and you can get up to an intel core i7 processor with 2GB GDDR5 VRAM Nvidia GeForce MX250 GPU, 16GB 2133MHz LPDDR3 Ram and for your storage, you get 1TB PCIe storage, and it also comes with WI-Fi 6.0, as well as Bluetooth 5.0

Keyboard and Touchpad

In this laptop, you get Full-Size backlit keyboard with 1.4mm of travel distance, and this keyboard feels comfortable on typing on it. You can be typing on the keyboard without discomfort long time. In Zenbook you get trackpad of the right side, and everything is fixed along with the secondary screen.

Cooling and Sound

The main thing which I like in this laptop is typing experience on this laptop, as well as many of the Asus laptops. We get ergo lift hinge design which provides you more of comfortable typing experience but, as well as that it allows for better cooling, so you get airflow here at the bottom as well as better sound quality because speakers are certified by Harman Kardon and having them lifted up a little bit gives you much better audio experience…last but not least, you get 70Wh battery, which 65W charger, which is going to charge this up pretty quickly.

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